Checklist: First Aid Kit For Construction Sites

Checklist: First Aid Kit For Construction Sites

In an industrial workplace, accidents are always bound to happen no matter how careful or how obedient everybody to the safety protocols. First aid is a crucial action in cases of emergency. It can potentially save a life in danger. 

Any workplace must have first-aid kits easily accessible to everyone. It is also in the Health and Safety regulation of every city to provide safety gears or personal protective gears to industrial sites like in construction. 

What’s Inside Construction Sites First Aid Kit?

Although every construction sites have a specific line of work and specific needs, first aid kits must be modified. What’s inside your site’s first aid kit depends on the kind of accidents that often happen in the workplace or expected to happen given an unfortunate circumstance. So, it is rather important to closely look at these factors and identify what kinds of first aid essentials you will need to store. 

Ideally, it is best to execute extensive risk assessment so you can pinpoint the specific medical aid to help save the life of an injured employee. To start with, here are the basic lists of item that you will find inside your first aid kit: 


It is important to check every item in your kit regularly or take note of their expiry dates and dispose of those out of date. Using expired medical products can cause even more damage or injury to the person. So, it is ideal to be mindful and extra careful of the expiry dates. 

Construction First Aid Kit Essentials

While some workplaces only need the basic first aid kit, construction sites require a more comprehensive list of items. Since construction is one of the most high-risking workplaces, the first aid kit must also meet the standards of high-risk or dangerous workplace requirements to ensure when during an accident, your first aid kit will be of substantial help and use. Additionally, it is also important that your first aid kit contains contents enough to cater to all the employees on site. If worse comes to worst that multiple employees are injured, you will be ready to perform first aid and have enough for every injured person. In some areas of the world, like for example Australia it is advised to have a snake aid kit as snakes are common guests on constructions sites and are extremely dangerous. First aid kit such as this one, such be more than sufficient:

Construction Sites First Aid Kit Modified Requirements

Every workplace or every home must have a first-aid kit ready in case of emergencies. First aid kits may seem to have very little use in your home or workplace, but it will come in handy if some fortuitous incident happen. Hence, as for construction sites that experience a lot of accidents every day, your first aid kit must be up to date, complete, have enough for every employee, and easily accessible.