Follow-Up Your Application Without Looking Desperate, Here’s How

Follow-Up Your Application Without Looking Desperate, Here’s How

Isn’t it frustrating waiting for a response regarding your job application for weeks and months to follow? Applying for a remote job brings a lot of uncertainty and desperation. There is no guarantee whether or not your get response from the company’s HR. It feels like you’re wasting your time waiting rather than spending your time sending more applications. 

That’s the downside looking for work online. According to the recent survey, 75% of job applicants get ghosted while 60% never heard back from the company after an interview. For these reasons, many online job applicants claim that it is a major annoyance. 

It’s okay to get rejected, it happens all the time. But not being able to know the status of your application, or knowing if they already found someone is a drag. It always seems like you wasted your time making that personalised cover letter or editing your resume’ just to send it into thin air. Thus, if you want your name to cling to the top of the company’s list, following up your job application in a decent manner might catch their attention. 

How To Follow Up On A Job Application?

Review The Job Posting Details

Before you do so, it is important to review the job posting details. Double-check every corner of the job listing. Take a closer look at their instructions. Make sure to pay respect to those instructions. If the job listing did not say anything about not contacting them in case of any concerns, then you probably shouldn’t. However, most companies usually provide emails for applicants for them to be able to communicate easily. Hence, if you have been waiting for too long, write a formal letter addressing to the person who posted the job. 

Check the Deadline Of the Job Post

Most companies allow a certain time frame for applicants to pass their resume’. Wait for the deadline and see if you get a response after a day or two. If not, consider that it takes a lot of time reviewing job applications. Companies also take their time scrutinising every detail of their applicant’s resume’ to make sure that they are hiring the right person. Hence, it is only fair to wait for a week or two before sending them your desperate message. But no, never send an email of your monologue about how you need that job. A simple question of asking about the status of your application will do. 

Send A “Thank You” Note After Your Interview

If you did get as far as getting interviewed, then congratulations. But, it doesn’t end there yet. The company probably interviewed 10 people and it is likely for them to do another step or test before choosing who to hire. What you can do rather, is to send a “thank you” note. Show them you appreciated their effort and time giving you chance. Also, write something specific about the interview and disclose how much you have learned from it. Sending a note after creates a connection and that’s one way to stay in touch with the company. 

Never Send Too Many Emails

If you’re annoyed not hearing back from them promptly, it’s annoying for them also receiving multiple emails from you. You will certainly look desperate and you will be projecting a bad impression for yourself. Two follow-up emails will do; one after the interview and one a week after the interview. While typically most companies send emails to those who were not accepted, some don’t. If you haven’t heard from the company after an interview, then it’s time to move on and look for another potential company to apply for. To make sure you are applying from a secure platform, apply from legit online job platforms

Mistakes To Avoid When Following-Up A Job Application

  • Watch your tone. Be professional and personable and never seem like you are demanding a reply. 
  • Do not just send an email that an AI provided for you. Make your first and second email different. 
  • Avoid annoying the hiring manager if they take too long to reply. 
  • Never reach the company or HR through their personal social media accounts. 

What happens after you passed your application? Watch this video below!

With the rampant increase of online workers, both parties; applicants and companies are facing their own challenges banking in digital hiring. It is hard to judge the person behind your computer screen and the same goes with the hiring managers. Hence, learn to let go if you think that you will never hear from the company anymore. Instead, move on and look for other prospects. Don’t waste your time waiting, spend your time doing.