Radical Laundry Hacks for This Modern Generation

Radical Laundry Hacks for This Modern Generation

In this modern fast-paced era, one must know every trick and tip that will save money, time, and wardrobes. While everything getting expensive, the planet accumulating clothing trash, and people becoming more mindful in their ways, the one thing you can do to contribute to the advocacy of lesser trash in the world is to save your stained white shirt. 

Easy Laundry Hacks 

How to soften sheets?

  • Put your sheets in the washer
  • Mix in your detergent
  • Mix in a half cup of distilled vinegar
  • And run a full cycle

Distilled vinegar will give your sheets a quick boost of a perfectly balanced softness and crisp while gently removing lingering odours. 

How to treat grease stains?

  • Rub chalk on oily stain
  • Let the garment absorb the chalk
  • Throw your garment into the washer

Chalk is ultra-absorbent. So next time you’re in the kitchen and a stain happen to get to your clothes, rub chalk on it right away before washing. 

How to dry clothes faster?

  • Wash your garments
  • Add a clean dry towel to the dryer
  • Run a cycle

How to remove garment wrinkles without ironing?

  • Prepare a spray bottle
  • Fill the bottle with two cups of water
  • Mix in a tablespoon of conditioner
  • Blend in a tablespoon of white vinegar
  • Spray it onto your clothes until they’re damp
  • Pull or stretch fabric to release wrinkles

How to fake-iron your clothes in the dryer?

  • Prepare two ice cubes
  • Throw your clothes into the dryer
  • Set your dryer to its warmest setting
  • Put in the ice cubes to create steam

How to remove stains on the go?

  • Bring shaving cream when travelling
  • If stain got into your clothes, apply a small amount to the area
  • Leave it to absorb
  • Blot it up after

Shaving creams have the same active ingredients used in household cleaning products. The foamy quality of shaving cream acts as a great alternative for lifting off stains from your garment. 

How to freshen up smelly clothes?

  • Keep a spray bottle full of cheap vodka
  • Spray it onto your smelly garment before washing

Vodka is a natural deodoriser that aid in keeping fabrics fresh and crisp before you wear them again. 

How to lift sticky stains from fabrics?

  • Take off your garment with gum or other sticky stains
  • Leave some ice cubes on top of it enough to harden the stain
  • Once it hardened remove the gunk from your garment

How to keep gym clothes fresh before your next wear?

  • Prepare a half cup of white vinegar
  • Mix it with cold water
  • Soak your gym clothes onto the mixture for at least an hour 
  • Run a full cycle 
  • Don’t machine-dry

Vinegar is an active ingredient that breaks down sweat build-up and pungent odours. 

How to remove sweat soiled stains on collars and underarm areas?

  • Prepare a small amount of baby shampoo
  • Dab it onto the dark sweat-soiled collars and underarm areas
  • Soak it for half an hour
  • Then throw it onto the washer

How to unshrink sweaters?

  • Prepare a bucket with lukewarm water
  • Mix in two tablespoons of baby shampoo
  • Let it soak for twenty minutes
  • After, flatten and gently stretch