How To Create Persuasive Videos That Deliver Results

How To Create Persuasive Videos That Deliver Results

With customer attention becoming more and more minimal, creating online contents are also becoming more challenging. The countless marketing schemes being presented on the internet every day led to a popularity contest amongst marketers. From blogging, online contests, striking posters to persuasive videos make up all the marketing efforts of brands and only the ones with out-of-this-world creativity float to the top. 

Persuasive videos nowadays are gaining a lot of attention on social platforms. Consumers tend to engage more in marketing materials that show both content and creativity. And, for videos to persuade, it has to be at first, engaging. If you lose your viewer in the first few seconds, then it is clear that your video introduction is ineffective. 

How To Create Persuasive Videos?

Stories, anecdotes, mind’s eye projection, metaphors, and mirroring are a few video techniques that can gain attention and engagement. Also, well-curated visuals is another thing that sparks interest to the audience. Moreover, short videos can be easily pulled-off than longer videos. Short brief videos are ideal on social platforms. While longer videos can be used to present a story that proves the credibility and effectivity of the product. Either way, persuasive videos can be a challenge to create but doing it the right way will boost the brand’s popularity while gradually collecting leads and increasing sales. 

Video Versus Audio

Audio is a handy marketing material that birthed the trend of podcasting. It requires less investment in attention and can be listened figuratively anywhere and anytime. Videos, on the other hand, demands a certain amount of effort to make it engaging. The wrong visuals or presentation in the introduction will lead to a loss of interest. Hence, keeping every second of the video engaging is crucial to retain your audiences’ eyes. 

The Right Way of Scripting

Videos require to say less in limited time. The more you have to say, the longer the video will be. Being able to create a script that has all the essentials while presenting visuals parallel to your script is important. Also, doing a presentation video with narration, the tone of voice must be far from sounding like you are reading.

The best way to pull-off a conversational tone in your presentation is by recording in small batches at a time.

Delivering A Clear Message

It is a common mistake in video marketing when brands tend to disclose multiple messages that lead to confusion and unclear content. It is crucial when creating video content to focus on one goal. Layout clearly the goal of the video and prevent from inserting ideas that stray away from your original goal. Consider every word spoken in the video is related to your end goal or intended message. Thus formulate a script that works hand in hand towards one result. 

A Little Less Talk A Little More Visuals

Persuasive videos are far from being scripted. It needs to deliver the message in a prompt manner minus the other insignificant insights that will only lead to a boring and dragging content. It’s like a film if the movie script is quite contrary to the plot of the film, it ruins the entertainment. Videos are intended to entertain using a perfect balance of words and visual aids. If you tend to have so much to talk about with limited time, might as well make a podcast. 

With little less talk and little more visuals, your video will be able to highlight the effect of the visuals which is more memorable than words. The tactic is to change visuals every three to six seconds to keep the audience engage and avoid them from drifting. 

Becoming The Face of Entertainment

Many YouTube tutorial videos show the faces of the person behind the big idea. Talking directly to the audience while presenting the new trends in web development or showing how to use your product is quite a challenge. Your facial expressions, mannerisms, and body language are exposed to the audience and these factors also communicate to your viewers beyond the message you are relaying. Being able to catch attention with your charm and wit can be effective in creating persuasive videos

Creating persuasive videos is hard to pull off but, on a brighter note, there’s always take 2, 3, 4, 100, etc, thus it gives you room for improvement and time to modify to perfect it. As long as you keep it balanced and clear, video content can go a long way. It is by far one material that goes viral easily if the creativity and the content are fresh and visually striking.